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Mill Duty Hydraulic Cylinders for Defense Industries

With our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and reliability, we have become a trusted partner for defense contractors and companies. Our cylinders are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, offering unmatched performance and durability.

Yates’ Mill Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

We take pride in manufacturing cylinders that provide superior performance in the most demanding applications. Our mill duty cylinders feature:

    • Heavy-Duty Construction for Extended Service Life

    • Customizable Sizes & Configurations

    • Advanced Sealing Technology for Enhanced Durability

    • Weather-Resistant Materials & Coatings

    • High Load Design & Heavy Wall Tubing

We also provide ISO-certified emergency repair services for all mill duty cylinders.


Our mill duty hydraulic cylinders play a crucial role in various defense applications, including but not limited to:

    • Missile Launch Systems

    • Armored Vehicles

    • Aircraft Maintenance & Support Equipment

    • Naval Ship Systems

    • Automated Weapon Systems

    • Ground Support Equipment

We offer advanced engineering capabilities and follow rigorous quality control processes to ensure our cylinders meet the strict standards of the defense industry.

Take the Next Step With Yates Cylinders

When you need heavy-duty solutions for defense applications, look no further than Yates Cylinders. We’ve manufactured, repaired, and rebuilt hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for over five decades. As an ISO-certified and SAM-registered company, we’re committed to quality—all cylinders we service and manufacture are handled in-house in our U.S. facilities.

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